Learn advanced Pro Tools operation, Thirteen Degrees Studio, keyboard shortcuts, Advanced Pro Tools,

Pro Tools & Music Production


Advanced Pro Tools

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  For those who have been working in Pro Tools and gained a certain level of proficiency, this course offers a tailored approach to digging in deeper to the power of the Pro Tools application and it's related plug-ins.  Taught in a real-life situation at Thirteen Degrees Studio, the home of MasterRecs productions, students will learn while actual productions are conducted for film, TV, commercials, video games, movie trailers, TV promos, indie bands, nationally known recording artists and more.

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  • Navigation with Hotkey Shortcuts, Memory Locations, Window Configurations
  • Event Operations:  Time Operations, Tempo Operations
  • In depth study of EQ, Dynamics, Pitch Shift, Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Harmonic, Dither, Sound Field, Instruments, Special Effects
  • Bussing, advanced signal flow, sub mixing
  • MIDI Production and Editing
  • Advanced mic chain signal flow
  • Mic selection and placements
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Mastering with Pro Tools