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Pro Tools & Music Production


Music Production PML

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed for musicians, composers, engineers and anyone interested in the process of composing, producing and recording music for Film, TV, Commercials, Video Games, Movie Trailers, TV Promos and any other media yet to be discovered.  This is a hands on course that takes place at MasterRecs productions while the business of creating and recording music is being conducted.  You will learn all of the intricacies of designing music for the very competitive world of Production Music Libraries.

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  • Basic Composition Techniques
    • Scoring
    • Programming
    • Sequencing in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, etc.
    • Creating a signature sound
    • Working to picture
    • Working to a scene description 
  • Creating a Category CD
    • Putting together a full length CD of production music in a specific genre
    • Editing
      • Cut Downs
      • Alternate Mixes
      • Versions
      • Creating Stems
  • Using a Music Library Platform
    • Creating a website attached to a Music Library Platform, such as, SourceAudio
    • Populating the platform with sound files, metadata, etc.
  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering Techniques