Pro Tools & Music Production



"Great atmosphere in the studio. Extremely comfortable and easy to work and learn. The pro tools class was awesome. Dave Dillbeck and Ken Barken were great teachers and the class taught me so many tricks. And it was at a pace that was easy to understand. Extremely high quality studio. Definitely the place to be in Nashville if you are looking to record. or to take any of the classes that they offer here."...Jason Cohen (Drummer)

"Last weekend I took a course in Pro Tools and it was great! The course content was incredibly useful and I am confident that it will undoubtedly be beneficial to my musical career and ambitions. Dave and Ken are veterans in the music industry and have a lot of wisdom and valuable information to offer students. I highly recommend taking a course at the beautiful Thirteen Degrees Studio!"... Andre Madatian (Guitar, Bass, Composer)

"Beautiful studio and excellent staff. Recently took their class on Protools and learned so much about the program. The instructors Dave Dillbeck and Ken Barken were incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and an all around nice guys. Would recommend to anyone looking to get some studio recordings or to learn something new."... Justin Lacey (Vocals)

"The guys at Thirteen Degrees Studio are a wealth of ProTools knowledge, so easy to work with and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this class and the studio."... Mitchell Brown, Nashville Bass Player (Joey and Rory)